Meg Davis: A Magical Muse With MS

Introduction by Mary Pettigrew ~

Long before MSpals existed, I had the pleasure of meeting the most fascinating woman on Twitter.  Although we still have yet to meet in person, Meg Davis & I have become dear friends & I look forward to the day we finally meet.  She is fun, funny & even when her MS slows her down, her style & creativity is unwavering.  Meg is an artist in the truest form!  To this day, she remains an accomplished artist & musician. I urge you to follow her on Twitter & take a listen to her music on YouTube.  More details about where & how to find her work can be found at the close of this post. 

Meg never gives up hope of producing new recordings of original music in the future.She still sings when her MS allows her to do so, however the painful side affects from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) has altered her Celtic voice from the soprano she once was.  Meg & I have bonded over art, music & MS over the last several years & we’ve also chatted when both our energy & voices would allow.  I remember listening to some of her YouTube music & sharing it with others.  Mesmerized by the pure beauty of her voice, I remained confused as to how & why she could suffer such pain, especially with the high notes.  As someone who used to also sing & studied opera, this was all quite difficult for me to comprehend… until a couple years ago when it hit me!  I’ll never forget the evening I called her without even texting her first.  When she answered the phone, all I said was, “Meg…I get it now!”  She knew exactly what I meant – no additional explanation was needed.  I don’t think anyone can truly understand this excruciating phenomenon unless they’ve experienced the like of it themselves.  TN doesn’t affect all people with MS.  For those who do have problems, the symptoms & severity will also vary from person to person.  For more information about MS & Trigeminal Neuralgia, please click on this link which will take you directly to another site:

Meg’s Story: In Her Own Words ~ 

As an Adaptive Able Artist I work my way from one art technique to another as my MS symptoms allow. Changes in vision are one of the MS symptoms that many of us deal with. It can be a very frustrating and blurry wall that often stands between creative souls and their ability to share feelings through art. As eyes blur and double vision sets in I have to stop doing finer work, take up my spinning and weave on my looms. When vision improves, I can get back to finer detail work from experimental embroidery to custom Art Dolls. This is a process I think all artists with MS, and similar neurological illnesses , go through. As long as we keep fighting our way through the mist to find the happiness that creating brings we have hope and thus, we have life.

THE EXILE” on display at the Historic Museum of Arkansas in Little Rock. The Great American quilt Show II 2011

Meg Davis has been producing and publishing original music since the age of 14 and was chosen as the ‘Best Young North American Songwriter’ in 1978 by Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary.

A consummate folklorist, Davis worked as an archivist at both the Library of Congress in D.C. and Cecil Sharpe House in London between tours, and collected rare and beautiful indigenous music wherever she traveled. Meg Davis’ career involved touring and performing traditional Irish, Scottish and American folk music with artists ranging from Ewan MacColl to Bill Monroe to Joanie Madden and included unique appearances with movie legends such as Lillian Gish. Playing venues near and far from the Kennedy Center in DC to the old Troubadour in London, and adding her vocal and instrumental talents as solo soprano with several international choirs, Meg Davis continues to be loved the world over for her ringingly clear vocals and sumptuous guitar work.

Original music composed and arranged by Meg Davis has been performed and recorded by many world class musicians including the great Irish band,  De Dannan, and used in movies and television documentaries in Canada, Sweden and Norway.
Meg’s music can be heard across the airways and is very popular in the following countries:
Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, The United Kingdom, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and McMurdo Expedition Station, Antarctica (the penguins are particularly fond of her A Capella singing).

In 1993 Meg Davis retired from stage performing due to Multiple Sclerosis. Having to adapt to a life without performing, she took up her fibers, looms, watercolors and art techniques and began to create in new ways. She
continues to dedicate her time to creating fiber arts, illustrations and graphic designs while her music notebooks await her return.


You can find all of Meg’s most popular traditional and original published tracks and whole albums available for sampling and download through CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and most all International Music sources on the web.

2018 UPDATE: Meg Davis will answer you directly, just drop her a line, and give her a little time. Your messages are the best medicine Meg can get and she will get back to you.  Thank you for visiting and check back as we build a lush environment art and music for you to enjoy.

Preferred email for listeners to contact
Twitter: @MegDavisPrime

Music Video: Captain Jack – by Meg Davis – additional music & video available on YouTube




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