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MSpals: Creative Expression/Art for Chronic Illness
MSpals: Legal Matters
Multiple Sclerosis: Multimedia, Blogs, Networking
#ChatMS (available on Facebook & Twitter)
MSpals: UK
MSpals: Texas

Included here is a list of contacts and websites that may be useful to you.

American Academy of Neurology
American Brain Foundation
Food & Drug Administration
InforMS Magazine
Momentum Magazine
MS Connection
MS Foundation (800-225-6495)
MS Society UK Open Door – MS Newsletter UK
My Counterpane – Contact Kate Milliken
My MS Team
Neurology Now
Patient Advocacy Foundation
Pseudo Bulbar Affect (PBA) (800-774-4117)
Race to Erase MS
Rocky Mountain MS Clinic (303-788-4030)
Shift MS
Social Security/Medicare
Stigma Fighters
The Assistance Fund
The MS Association of America (MSAA) (800-532-7667)
The National MS Society (800-344-4867)