MSpals: Our History, Mission & Vision Statement


For years, Mary Pettigrew has envisioned putting together a group of people with MS to partner with her and help bring to life a place online and within local communities where people affected with MS can commune freely, learn and share stories. As Mary became more familiar with Twitter and other outlets, she discovered how wonderful and POWERFUL a tool utilizing social media can be. After much personal thought and networking/brainstorming with others in the MS community, a plan was put into action. Mary soon partnered with Carolyn Palmer, whom she’d met on Twitter, and together they decided it was time to hit the ground running and launch a program. So, in the late spring of 2014, an MSpal was founded. First launched on Twitter, MSpals quickly


To advocate & to increase global awareness by providing exceptional support, reputable information & activities via online and local interaction with people living with MS, disabilities & chronic illness.


To create, manage and provide a multi-faceted organization that is progressive in adapting to the needs of people with MS, chronic illness, disabilities & caregivers.  To create & maintain a bond with all team members & administrators involved with MSpals.  To network, collaborate & interact with other individuals, groups & organizations with respect & in a professional manner.