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People frequently have questions regarding where to find the best resources for news and dealing with MS.  This list is not an exhaustive one and it will continue to undergo additional revisions as needed.   There is no preferential purpose or intended promotion for any of the contacts or resources listed.  We have simply compiled an eclectic list which features links to the most reputable, interesting, and informative places with content intended to guide you towards whatever your needs may be and to help answer questions quickly.

Anti-inflammatory Foods
12 Anti-Inflammatory Vegetables

Beach Wheelchairs
Google this term plus the town you’re going to plus the word rent. Many rental places will have these.

Balance Vests

Bathtub Transfer Chairs
Home Ability

Cooling Equipment
Many people with MS suffer body temperature spikes during warmer weather and especially in warmer clients. Cooling vests, neck scarves, wrist wraps or ankle wraps can frequently provide relief. There are many places where these products are available commercially. If you need assistance getting a cooling vest or cooling accessories, the MSAA has a program that helps mS patients get cooling vests at no cost. Click here for more information.

Durable Medical Equipment
Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid in the United States will typically pay for 80% of your wheelchair, walker or other medical devices. While you are typically responsible for the remaining 20%, some insurances will cover the entire cost. In cases where you are responsible for the remaining 20% you can often times work out a deal with the equipment provider. Remember, in the U.S. you always need a prescription for durable medical equipment. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of America provides free medical equipment, cooling vests and cooling accessories if you are financially eligible. Check with their programs here.

Drug Assistance
Click here to find out if qualify to get your drugs partially paid for or for free.

Drug Information
Click here for links to drugs from this woman’s blog.

Eye Exams
Medicare patients with an MS diagnosis can avoid paying the 20% difference for an annual eye exam by having the doctor’s office code the eye exam as “Medical” and not “Eye”.

Financial assistance
Click here for information from the National MS Society

Click here for information on grants available for people with disabilities. Keep in mind that these are general ideas as to where to do research and whom to call. You don’t have to purchase anything.

Foot Swelling
If you are experiencing foot swelling make sure to check with a doctor or nurse to make sure that it’s not medication-related or potentially caused by a medical condition other than sitting for prolonged periods because of your MS. If the swelling is MS-related ask a doctor or nurse if grabbing your ankles or using support hosiery is an option. Click here for a demonstration of people using Ace bandages when support hosiery is too difficult to manage.

Home Bound Community
The National MS Society offers a monthly support group conference call that connects you to other people who are home bound.

JC Virus
Search MS Pals Facebook group for a very good description of the JC Virus.

Juicing & Paleo for MS
Click here to find out if this is an option for you.

Click here to find out if you qualify and to apply for additional services such as recorded books.

Life Insurance
In years past, if you were diagnosed with MS you were shut out of life insurance. That’s no longer true. The reality is that most people with MS live a typical lifespan although with potentially more disability. This fact however no longer precludes you from getting life insurance. For more information contact a local insurance agent

If you are collecting Social Security you will become eligible for Medicare after two years. Once you are on Medicare, you can decide different prescription plans or regular Medicare/Medicare Advantage during enrollment, which usually starts October 15 and covers your enrollment for the next year.

Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage, which is sometimes called Plan C, combines medical care with prescription coverage. If you are on expensive MS drugs this may or may not be helpful depending on the percentage the prescription plan will pay for.

Click here for the rules surrounding Medicare Advantage plans.

Warning: Medicare Advantage plans can be problematic. They sometimes limit facilities that you are able to receive services from even if they claim to act like a “PPO” and not an “HMO”. For this reason they may not be the best plans for someone with a chronic illness like MS. Do you research and double check your sources. Odds are you will come across contradictory information.

MitoQ Research
Click here to learn more.

MRI Access Fund
Click here to see if the MSAA can help you with issues paying for an MRI such as high co-pays or no insurance.

MSAA Regional Offices
Click here to find a MSAA regional office near year.

Click here for a great article on telling the difference between having a relapse or just feeling worse.

Student Loans
Dealing with student loans is especially difficult for individuals with MS who may only be able to work part time or not at all. The good news is that recent changes in the law have created a disability discharge provision. Click here to learn if you qualify.

The MS Society sponsors the MS Friends helpline (866.673.7436866.673.7436 FREE) for times when you just need someone to talk to. The line is staffed by volunteers who have MS and truly understand your struggles. They also support Pure Connections which enables you to directly connect with another individual who has MS on a regular basis. Click here to find out how you can join this peer support program.

Welcome to the MSpals Library. 

As we continue to add content & update our website, this page is where you’ll be able to find a compilation of various books, magazines, videos, podcasts & other newsworthy materials regarding MS & other resources you may find interesting or to be of value to review, purchase, subscribe to or recommend to others in need.  We will do our best to keep this listing reputable with content as up to date as possible.  We also welcome your input & additional suggestions or commentary.  We value feedback from you… our friends, followers & members.

This list is NOT to be considered as advertisement or promotion.  Unless otherwise stated, MSpals does not, nor will not give preferential treatment via endorsements, solicitations, nor will MSpals receive compensation from any of the items listed.  Examples of exceptions might include proceeds connected to a nonprofit organization, books or films written or produced by a fellow member or special events which involve fundraising & the like.  Again, we will authorize & notate such items & circumstances as this.  Lastly, although we will strive to provide the most reputable, credible information available, this is a library with resources for you to peruse based on your own personal needs or interests as you see fit.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with anything.

We are currently in the midst of compiling a more “one stop shop”  LIBRARY – a list of books, magazines, films & a variety of other media based resources which may be of interest to you.  If any websites or other URL links are available for an item, we will certainly include them.  Therefore, all you will need to do is click on the title & it will take you directly to that site, product or organization.  I’m sure several of the books might direct you to Amazon, but if an author website is available, we will do our best to offer a most thorough, user friendly format.


It’s Not All In Your Head: Mood & MS by Dr. Patricia Farrell, PHD
Fall Down Laughing by David L. Lander
Blindsided: Lifting a Life Above Illness by Richard M. Cohen
Staring Back: The Disability Experience From the Inside Out: a compilation of stories edited by Kenny Fries
Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies by Rosalind Kalb, Nancy Holland, Barbara Giesser
Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis by Jeffrey N. Gingold
Living Well With MS by David L. Carroll & Jon Dudley Dorman
Despite MS, to Spite MS by Dan & Jennifer Digmann
Life Interrupted: It’s Not All About Me by Chris M. Tatevosian
Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood by Teri Garr
When The Music Stopped: My Battle & Victory Against MS by Bob Cafaro
Awkward Bitch: My Life With MS by Marlo Donato Parmelee
Sleep: We All Need It by Dr. Pat Farrell
Be Your Own Therapist by Dr. Pat Farrell
Something On Our Minds Vol. 1: A compilation of writings by people with MS – All proceeds designated to the Accelerated Cure Project
Something On Our Minds Vol. 2: A compilation of writings by people with MS
Something On Our Minds Vol. 3: A compilation of writings by people with MS
Something On Our Minds Vol. 4: A compilation of writings by people with MS

MS research is evolving and always on going. There are new discoveries every day.

Some good places for research include the government site for medical research (Pub med) or MEDLINEplus. Many times, the MS Society in your country (If you’re outside the USA) will have listings of their research initiatives. You can always do a Google search or a pub med search for these types of studies.

United States

United Kingdom

Below is a list of MS research. The list is certainly not exhaustive so if you have a link to suggest please send it to info at We are passionately dedicated to our members and appreciate any leads on research studies.

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MS Trust UK

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Science Direct

Clinical Trials

Antibiotic Treatment Trial Directed Against Chlamydia Pneumonia in Multiple Sclerosis

Effect of MD1003 in Spinal Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS-SPI)

DNA Reprogramming

Innovative Research Tool Pinpoints Potential Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis


MS Information

Facebook Post

MS and Lyme

MS Research Resources

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Natural therapies



Regeneration of Myelin


Discovery Medicine

National Institute of Health

Stem Cell Therapy

Regeneration of Mylan

Discovery Medicine

National Institute of Health

Stem Cell Therapy

Have a favorite resource you’d like to share?  Send us a message and will review it.  The item should have a full link and a small description.  Unfortunately, we can’t contact you to let you know if your link was published   But we will review them on a regular basis and publish an item if it is appropriate  for the site.