Stuart Schlossman – A Man On a Mission To Make a Difference in the World of MS

Introduction by Mary Pettigrew: I was diagnosed with MS in 2001.  I remember there were very few resources for me to turn to back then.  There were only a few books, the National MS Society had a quarterly magazine, & then there was Stuart.  Stuart was the first online newsletter I subscribed to after my diagnosis.  It’s interesting how times have changed & although I still subscribe to his newsletter, a friendship has blossomed over the last few years.  Much has happened in the world of MS in 17 years.  We now have an influx of information to rummage through!  Despite all the blogs, websites, & social media platforms readily available, Stuart is there too – moving just as fast & strong as the others.  He’s an inspiration to so many of us & I’m happy to call him my friend.  Stuart travels all over the country to educate & to bring more MS awareness to others.  This post contains information about upcoming events.  For further event info, location & details please subscribe to the MS Views & News newsletter, explore the website ( link is posted below) & follow him on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.  Stay tuned for future bulletins posted here on our MSpals website with more details pertaining to upcoming seminars & events.

MS Views and News is MAKING an IMPACT on those affected by Multiple Sclerosis

Stuart C. Schlossman
President and MS Patient
MS Views and News, Inc.
8180 NW 36th St. – Suite 206
Miami, Fl. 33166
Contact:  954.684.1683  Fax: 270.398.8398

Topic:  The Compass To Care: Partnering with an Understanding Comprehensive MS Care Team

Date: Friday, August 3, 2018
Check-in: 05:32 pm
Program Begins at: 06:13pm
Complimentary Dinner
Location: Holiday Inn – Roanoke
4468 Starkey Rd. Roanoke, VA 24018
Special Guest Speakers:
Jeffrey Segal, BS, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, CPTS
MS Exercise Specialist / Personal Trainer
Interactive exercise session demonstrations.
The impacts of incorporating physical fitness – for those living with MS.
35 mins plus 10 mins of Q&A
Mark Landrio, MD – Neurology

To Discuss:
– What is a comprehensive healthcare team in relation to MS?
– How and when to extend your healthcare team to meet all your needs
– Importance of Early Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
– A look at MS relapse management and recovery
– Understanding Shared Decision Making with your healthcare team 45 mins + 25 mins Q&A

Paul Pelland – Better known as LongHaulPaul
Inspirational talk: Life’s Lemons and Long Shots
You don’t have to come in first to be a winner.
No matter what life throws at you, there is a way to continue forward.
Entering the World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition on the most unreliable bike ever built is a lot like everyday life with MS. A painfully humorous and inspiring story of overcoming monumental challenges with ingenuity and sheer will power. 25 minutes + 10 mins Q&A
trongR.S.V.P. required.
Upcoming Event information for 7/26/18 in Washington DC

Register ONLINE at: no internet, please call 1.888.871.1664 extension 102(No Children under 16 – unless the child is a pediatric MS Patient)
Program limited to The MS Patient plus (1) Guest

7/26 – Greenbelt, MD
8/3 –     Roanoke, VA
8/14 –   Asheville, NC
8/23 –   Charlotte, NC
9/6 –     Augusta, Ga
9/12 –   Melville, NY
10/2 –  Madison, WI

Our Mission: MS Views and News (MSVN), is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of information concerning Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Through partnering relationships, MSVN provides education, advocacy and service to empower and enhance the quality of life of the MS community.

MS Views and News is a 501©3, not-for-profit patient advocacy organization

MS Views and News is MAKING an IMPACT on those affected by Multiple Sclerosis through education, advocacy and service to empower and enhance the quality of life of the MS community.


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