MSpals Safety Tips/Tools for Communication & Emergencies ~

Last year, the hurricane season was too much to handle for so many & several of our members were greatly affected. Therefore, if we are faced with other catastrophic events, let’s create a communication system which will at least offer some peace of mind. We all care about one another here, so the main goal is to find a useful, yet simple way to communicate. Here are some tips:

1️⃣ Facebook has a simple, yet effective app found in your settings called “crisis response.” If needed, use it & your Facebook family will receive a message stating “You’re OK.” A couple screenshots of the app settings & FAQ are at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, look into the app, read the details & at least know where to find it on your Facebook account.

2️⃣ Also, everyone does (& should) take breaks from using media/Facebook – sometimes these breaks need to be weeks or longer. Our health, your health comes first.  But there is something else to keep in mind – there are others who truly care about you.  Just knowing you’re OK is comforting to others.

There are relationships, friendships & family in our groups & we do notice when members are away for lengths of time, so if you haven’t already done so, think about designating a friend or two as your “go to buddies.” Your buddies can share pertinent info to members/friends on your behalf – they can double as a crisis buddy too. This can be quite helpful for those times if/when you are in relapse or when you simply need to unplug from social media & will be unavailable to respond to any/all comments as well. If there’s anything of importance in need of your attention, your go to buddy can contact you privately & report back.
FYI, my “go to buddies” are @Carolyn Lloyd Palmer & @Krista Cantrell Brennan.  Who are yours?

If anyone has further ideas or input, please comment & let us know!


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