March is MS Awareness/Education Month

Yes, March MS Awareness month is approaching, and everyone has, or has asked for suggestions.

I have always believed that we MSers have to be educators, and we need a way to reach out to people who do NOT have MS. Here is a blog I posted some years ago, including a fun video I made. It was a fun project—but the point is simple. Just wear an orange ribbon, and you would be surprised how many people ask about it!

YOU are needed to get involved if: you have Multiple Sclerosis, someone you know has MS, are involved with MS associations, or have MS patients in your profession.

Why? Watch this video about my orange ribbon campaign

How? It’s very simS Blog article that includes a quick summary of “What is MS” 

Orange is the color that stands fople. Read my Mr MS. You can simply wear an orange ribbon every day on your lapel/shirt, in your hair, on your purse…….or you can tie an orange ribbon on your car or put one on your house!

Want to do more? Organize something as a team. Watch this fun video to see what we did at the Arizona Chapter of the National MS Society
Please start today!

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