An Updated Look Into MS Care & Treatment: Presented by the MS Education Summit (Fall 2019)

Rocky Mountain MS Center
Rocky Mountain MS Center

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to “virtually” sit in as both an attendee & a participant at the Fall 2019 MS Education Summit. The Summit was presented by The Rocky Mountain MS Center in Colorado, but thanks to livestream capabilities, I was able to attend from my home in Texas.

Shortly after the conference ended, the entire program (lasting 3.25 hours) was uploaded to YouTube (click here to see the video) so that others could have the chance to listen, watch & learn more about the latest in MS research & care.

Highlights from the MS Education Summit are detailed in the archive list shown below. You’ll find a detailed listing of all five presentation & discussion topics, speaker names, links for slides, resources & other tools offered during the event.

I believe the YouTube video also includes the Q&A session held at the conclusion of the event. I encourage you to add this post/video link as part of your “to do” list! I truly feel it contains helpful, valuable information. It is definitely worth your time to take a look & share it with others in your community.

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