We are going to begin an interview series to introduce you to the people that you may see of MSpals.  Last week we highlighted Angela Cormier.  Angela is the administrator or the MSpals Women’s group on Facebook.   This is a rather daunting task.  MS affects women at least twice as much as it affects men. (More recent research has suggested maybe even more than three times as much.)  MSpals recognizes the difficulty that some people have finding the support that they need, so we want to make many different options available.

In additional to the Women’s Facebook group, MSpals offers groups for virtual every state, many regions, and some hot topics. Over the next several weeks, we hope to introduce you to some of the people who help make this happen.

You have probably noticed that MSpals strives to build or internal support both for people with MS, and by people with MS.  You will see, as we introduce you to the people behind the scenes, that even though each and every one of our support members has MS, they are still vital to our community.  We hope that this inspires YOU as you look forward to life with MS.

Our next interview will be with Anthony Brown, the administrator of MSpals: UK.  Not only does he bring his experience from across the pond, but he offers a male perspective on this disease.  Say hello to all of the people we introduce as we roll out this series!  Know that you can be involved, too!  You ARE our MSpals, and we are yours!

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