Today is Sunday, August 27th 2017.  Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas’ Gulf Coast approximately 48 hours ago – it’s amazing how two days can feel like an eternity & it’s not near over yet.  This monstrous storm is still angry & expected to linger in Texas for more several days – more rain & tornado warnings…unfathomable.

I am overcome by the outpouring of concern & love from so many friends & members of our groups during this devastating time.  There is a family-like bond so many of us have created with one another – the magnitude of this bond has been realized, vocalized, & felt by so many of us over the last couple days.

I’d like to thank Jennifer Cardenas (from Ingleside, TX) for creating a public group on Facebook called, “Hurricane Harvey 2017 – Together We Will Make It; Together We Will Rebuild.”

All of the admins & moderators of the group have worked tirelessly, day & night, since Friday & all have done a fantastic job.  Jennifer created the group on Friday, 8/25/17 with the intention of it being a small group for family & friends to check in with each other.  As of today, just two days after creating her “little” group, Jennifer & her team have watched it morph into something much bigger, greater, & more powerful than anyone could have imagined!  Within 48 hours, the membership has reached 88,000 people & counting!  They have provided support & several helpful resources for those in fear when dealing with disasters such as this.  The events witnessed over the last few days should encourage others to take pause to think about preparedness – especially for those of us living with MS, other chronic illnesses & disabilities.


What’s in your emergency kit?



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