I have found a lot of support through MSpals.  I have met some wonderful people and I have been able to get some terrific advice.  My work on the website allows me to pay my positives forward while giving me an additional thing to feel positive about!

MSpals wants YOU!

This is all to say that MSpals wants you!  I would love to share your story here.  Whether you have something specific to say about how MSpals impacts your life, or you just want to share you special talent.  MSpals is about building connections and showcasing our members, who are strong and fabulous even with MS!

We don’t expect you to make MSpals a job, especially when you may barely have enough energy for most days!  We want to empower you to make MSpals what you need!  Maybe you need to publicly proclaim your gratitude to someone for listening when you needed to vent.  Maybe you want to introduce yourself to make it easier to make new friends.  Maybe you have a neat way for dealing with the super-hot days of summer, and you thin all MSers should know about it! While we do not endorse any specific treatment plan, we would love to hear about things that make your life better!

Share and share alike!

Most importantly, MSpals would like to give you an outlet.  We want to make sure that you know your voice is heard!  If you post something in one of the FaceBook groups and would like to get a bigger response, we want to know about it!  MSpals is about the pals!  Please reach out to us here and be a pal!

If you have a suggestion about something that might make MSpals work better for you, let us know

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