You may have seen me around.  I am in the main MSpals main Facebook group, the MSpals: Legal Matters Facebook group, MSpals: Women, MSpals: Tennessee, and MSpals: Washington.  When I first got involved with MSpals I was living in Tennessee.  There are many less people with MS in the Southern states.  So by joining a group specific to my region, I was able to connect with people near me.  I knew then that I planned to move to Washington state, so I also joined the MSpals: Washington group.  From that group I have met many people who helped as I transitioned across the country.  In fact, I was able to find out about possible new neurologists, and I met my best Washington friend, Suzanne Rea.  Knowing some people in a new place helps ease into it, but knowing people who understand the kind of differences that MS brings makes it so much better.

Anyway, I am Tiffany Campbell.  For the past several months I have helped with the website.  During this time, I have gotten to meet some wonderful people associated with the MSpals groups.  I would now count Mary Pettigrew as one of my best MS friends!  Through her I have gotten to know Carolyn Palmer, and Krista Brennan.  I have met our MSpals: UK administrator Anthony Brown.  I have truly been befriended thanks to MSpals!  That is part of the reason that I dedicate part of my life to this group.  I believe that MSpals is honestly working to help me make MS pals!  I want to be part of that for you!

I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 13 or 14 years.  In the last 3 years I have become disabled by this illness. I’ve asked plenty of questions and gotten plenty of answers from the Legal Matters group.  I am in the hearing phase of my Social Security Disability Insurance application.  It has helped me a great deal to have people to chat with about the process.

I am active (sometimes) on Twitter, and I have gotten support through MSpals there as well!  MSpals has a wide expanse interaction among social media.  They aren’t even trying to sell anything!  They are just trying to spread positivity and support throughout the multiple sclerosis community.

I like to write.  My handwriting is pretty tragic now.  But I am able to type out my personal blog.  I can type things on the various Facebook groups and other MSpals social media.  I am able to contribute on this website.  It is my hope that all MSpals who want to contribute are able.  I think if you want to contribute then Mary Pettigrew and Carolyn Palmer make it very easy.  Just reach out to them and let them know!  They seem to be looking over every MSpals group all the time!

Reach out to me.  I want to hear other stories from MSpals.  I want to encourage you to use this community to become a pal.  Make friends.  Find a place where you fit.  Visit MSpals on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, heck, even Instagram and Pinterest!  Become involved!

MSpals wants YOU!

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