I have been a member of MSpals on Facebook for over 2 years.  I have been very lucky to make some good pals through the groups.  That is the whole point behind this thing!  Make pals who can understand what your MS life may be like.  I have heard and often said that connections help kill MS, and that is true!  The MSpals organization is here to help us all make those connections and kill the power of MS in our lives!

In my two years of being part of the MSpals groups, I met an amazing woman who is one of my very best friends.  Mary Pettigrew and Carolyn Palmer have also allowed me to spread my wings and help out with this website.  I have felt that this group has encouraged me to claim (or reclaim after I felt like Multiple Sclerosis was stripping it from me as I became disabled from full-time work) my power!  My pals have seen any good inside me and stoked that flame!  I hope that the group gives you at least one pal who is able to do that for you!

It is important that we recognize these special people in our lives. While MSpals is here to facilitate connections, it isn’t a place to hide the pleasure and joy these connections bring to our lives.  We are going to begin a series to celebrate these connections and especially the people who make them happen!  You may already be aware that everyone associated with MSpals actually has MS.  That makes celebrating these people even more special.  While MS may kick us in the teeth at times and make us feel unworthy, this group and the people in it are proof that MS can not keep you down!

In this series, we will periodically highlight the special people and relationships that flourish as part of the MSpals group.  We are going to call this series “Meet Your MSpals”.  If MSpals has opened the door to a new friendship for you, or if it has provided you with support during a crucial time in your life, we would love to hear about it!  Not only will it help celebrate your relationships in the group, but it may provide an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the group in a bigger way!  I always say that sharing is caring, and we want to share some caring with you!  Be on the lookout to “Meet Your MSpals” in the near future!

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