At MSpals, we hope to offer our pals insight as well as information, but with all of the “fake news” that is being talked about, how do we vet the resources that we support?  Well, we support the things we know or have experienced.  Since we have MS like you we only refer out sites that we trust.

One organization that I have found that offers real help is MS Focus: The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  I encourage everyone I know with MS to check out their site.  You can find events in your area, assistance getting assistive devices, and even the possibility of a Brighter Tomorrow there!  I have personally known people who have received help with cooling equipment as well as walking devices from here!  I even have an amazing personal story about their Brighter Tomorrow Grant program!

Approximately a month ago, I went online and submitted an application for a Brighter Tomorrow grant to get an adult trike.  I have spent most of this summer as well as the last few years envious of my family, who have been able to take bike rides together while I’ve sat at home, unable to balance on the Specialized bicycle I had.  In a fit of envy, I quickly and easily filled out the online application.  There was one page that I printed and took to my neurologist to verify my diagnosis.  Before I got my form filled out, I received a call asking me what kind of trike I wanted.  I sent a few links to trike I liked, and yesterday I was advised that I qualified for the grant and would be getting my trike by the end of the week!  Thank you to MS Focus for granting me a brighter tomorrow!

I would consider MS Focus: The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to be a true MSpal!  If you look deeply into this site you will see resources listed.  We try to keep a record of organizations that may benefit all people with MS.  Some of the organizations focus mainly on promoting research or providing advocacy, but I am a living example of MS Focus directly impacting the life of one person with MS to make life better!

Like MSpals, MS Focus offers many different ways to access their help and information.  Find them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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