My name is Nancy Day.  I live with my husband in Renton, Washington (outside Seattle, WA) & was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) on July 24th, 2008.  I have been involved with MSpals from the very beginning.  As a founding member, I was interactive & joined in the various special interest groups which sprouted up over time.   Although I continued to participate in the groups on a regular basis, it wasn’t until 2015 when I was invited to take over as moderator of the MSpals Pinterest account.  That’s when I began to play a more active role without the stress of any added administrative duties.  I’ve been a very active Pinterest user for years, so this was a perfect fit.  In fact, I’m excited to announce a new series of posts titled, “Pinterest Pals: Nancy’s Tips & Pins.”  These posts will feature a “tip of the week” with items & ideas which can help make life a little easier.

As of today, I am resigned to using an electric wheelchair, but I started collecting recipes on Pinterest while still able to stand.  Eventually, my legs would no longer hold me.  I could no longer lift my crock pot (by myself), was compromised in patience, strength, grip, & lost other motor skills required for cooking & measuring ingredients.  To say I was frustrated & angry would be putting it mildly.  I have adapted instead of giving up completely.  Recipes evolved into new Pinterest collections for home decor, ideas, & gadgets I could use for better functionality.  I’ll be sharing these tips occasionally on the MSpals website beginning today.  

Here is the link for our MSpals Pinterest account:

I use this every day.  It’s a made from a dowel of wood, the size of a broom handle.  Attached on one end is a large, rubberized cup hook.
I’m unable to lift my left foot off the floor (when seated) more than about an inch. I use it daily but my most frequent use is when dressing. I gather one side of my underwear onto the hook then hold them on the floor so I can put my foot in. Then lift with the stick to within my reach.  

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