Tip #3

A few years ago I saw an interview with one of my favorite TV anchors, Miles O’Brien talking about the accident that ended up with an amputation of his arm. He mentioned a Dycem non-slip pad that helps him with tasks. I ordered one because sometimes my grip is so weak that I can’t grip the jar and turn the lid. It does exactly as he said. I can open the mayonnaise again!

Watch YouTube video “Using Dycem Self-Adhesive Strips on Walkers & Walking Aids” for a series of short videos showing many uses of both mats and strips. Right now I’m looking at reel (roll) Dycem, the yellow round mat is 1/8″ thick. The reel material is thinner at 1/40″. I’m thinking for the footrest on my wheelchair and on the serving tray to keep the plate from sliding.



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