Enabled Gardening

We live in a mobile home with limited areas (space) that we can use. This is my tomato and rosemary. No matter if it’s a porch, deck or flower pot I can garden from my wheelchair.

The MS Pals Pinterest board called: Gardening ~ enabled has ideas for big yards, small yards or no yards. http://pin.it/-fKEOgT

If you walk, stand or wheelchair there are ideas for you! Did you know you can plant celery (and other things) from the part you normally cut off and discard? You can even regrow lettuce on the window sill.

Good for your health, I encourage you to try it. It gets me out of the house – if only to water (I go out early to beat the heat). After they ripen I fill sandwich bags with cherry tomatoes and cruise the neighborhood in my e-wheelchair giving baggies to neighbors lucky enough to be out in their yard. ~ Nancy Day

Here at MSpals.org we want to thank Nancy for her dedication to this site and wish her a speedy recovery from her recent trauma!  We are glad you’ve made it back to give us some terrific Pins and Tips…

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