Pets are so much more than just cute, cuddly creatures we decide to bring into our homes & into our lives.  Pets become part of the family.  They are our loyal companions whose sole purpose in life is to shower us with unconditional love.

When you are living with MS or any other chronic illness, pets can be especially therapeutic.  Anxiety, depression, & stress levels can often decrease, laughter, smiles, & optimism can often increase.   We need them & they need us – we’re always there for each other in good times & in bad times.

Carolyn Palmer, Angela Theriot Cormier, & Amy Hollingsworth gathered several photos of “pals & pets” from the members of MSpals Women’s group & compiled them into a video vignette.  Here is their video featuring some of our adorable pet pals.  Enjoy!

** Video Created by Carolyn Palmer via iMovie

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